MPSC Engineering Services Model Questions Papers & Syllabus Exam Pattern 2023

MPSC Engineering Services Syllabus 2023 Pdf – ESE Prelims & Mains Exam Pattern –
English - Common Vocabulary / Sentence structure / Grammar / Use of Idioms & phrases and their meaning / Comprehension of the passage /

Maharashtra Engineering Services Syllabus 2023: General Studies - Indian Economy, Maharashtra History (1857 to 1990), Geography / Indian Imports – Exports / Government in National Development, Collaborators, The role of Rural Banks / Government Economics / Five years Plan / Indian State Administration / Worldwide, Current Affairs in India / Environment Causes of Increased Growth

MPSC Exam syllabus 2023: Engineering Aptitude Test - Applied Mechanics / Matrics / Partial Differentiation / Linear Differential Equations / Differentiation under Integral Sign / Numerical Integration ( Trapezoidal, Simpson’s 1/3, Simpson’s 3/8 rule) / Double Integration / Triple Integration & application of Multiple Integrals / Engineering Mechanics / The system of Coplanar Forces / Laws of friction / Cone of friction / Equilibrium of bodies on the inclined plane / Kinematics of particle / Elements of Civil Engineering / Materials and Construction \ Uses of maps and field surveys \ Elements of Mechanical Engineering / Thermodynamics / Heat transfer / Power plants / Machine elements / Power Transmission Devices / Mechanism / Materials use in Engineering and their Application Metals / Introduction to Manufacturing processes and Their Applications / Machine Tools Lathe Machine / Electrical Engineering elements / D /C / circuits / A /C / Circuits / Three phase circuits / Single phase transformer

Maharashtra Electrical Engineering Syllabus – Paper I - Work, Power, and Energy, Resistance, capacitance, and inductance / Basics of electromagnetic and electrostatic, series / Fundamentals of energy conversion / Speed control of single phase and three phase induction motors / The principle, types of synchronous motors / Analog and Digital electronics fundamentals, devices and characteristics / Amplifier and oscillator circuits, Operational amplifier, Gates, flip-flops etc / Sensors and transducers / Power Devices / Power generation in India and Maharashtra, Renewable Generation / Calculation of sag and tension in the transmission of lines

Paper II - The principle of circuit breaking, arc extinction and arc interruption for and DC breaker / Specification of impulse wave, multistage impulse generator / Energy scenario in India, Energy policies, pricing, and reforms / Basic terms in lighting systems and features, lamp types and their features / DG set selection and installation factors / Energy performance assessment of DG sets / Pump types and characteristics / HVAC and refrigeration system / Underground cable and cable accessories / Substation design

Maharashtra Mechanical Engineering Syllabus - Paper I - Applied Thermodynamics / Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery / Heat Transfer / Refrigeration and Air Conditioning / Internal Combustion Engine / Power Plant Engineering / Renewable Energy Sources (Solar Energy, Wind Energy) / Paper II: The strength of Materials / Theory of Machines and Vibration / The design of Machine Elements / Materials Technology / Production Process, Planning, and Control / Mechanical Measurements / ESE Exam MPSC Civil Engineering syllabus

Paper II - Building Construction & Materials / The strength of materials / Theory of structures / Structural analysis / Steel structures / The design of reinforced concrete structures / Pre-stressed Concrete / Construction Planning and Management / Paper II: Surveying / Estimating, Costing and Valuation / Geotechnical Engineering / Fluid Mechanics / Fluid Machines / Engineering Hydrology / Irrigation Engineering / Highway Engineering / Bridge Engineering / Tunnelling / Environmental Engineering

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