MP VYAPAM PNST & GNTS Model Questions Papers 2023

MP Vyapam GNTST Syllabus 2023 & Pre Nursing PNST Exam Pattern

Vyapam MP Asha workers Syllabus Physics – Unit and Dimensions / Newton’s laws of motion / Conservation of momentum and energy / Static and kinetic friction / Work energy and power elastic collisions / Hooke’s law, young’s modulus, shear and bulk modulus / Simple harmonic motion / Oscillations due to spring / Wave motion / Wave nature of light / Interference / The velocity of light and Doppler effect in light / Reflection / Total internal reflection / Hydrogen spectrum / The composition of the nucleus / Atomic masses and isotopes, radioactivity / Fissions, X- ray, properties, and uses / Elementary ideas of conductor, semiconductor, and insulator / Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, p-n junction as a rectifier / Electric power, heating effects of currents / Chemical effects and law of electrolysis thermoelectricity / Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field (Lorentz force) / The magnetic moment of a current loop etc

MP VyapamAsha worker training Test Syllabus – General and Physical Chemistry / The Structure of Atom / Chemical bond / Solutions / Solid state / Nuclear chemistry / Chemical equilibrium / Thermochemistry and thermodynamics / chemical equilibrium / Chemical kinetic / Electrochemistry / catalysis / Faraday’s law etc / Inorganic Chemistry / Principle and metallurgical operations / Comparative study of elements / Metals / Co-ordination compounds / Organometallics / Chemical analysis etc / Organic Chemistry / Calculations of the empirical and molecular formula of organic compounds / Common functional Groups Isomerism structure / Shapes of alkanes, alkanes, and Benzene / Preparation properties and uses of alkynes, alkenes, benzene-petroleum, cracking octane number, gasoline additives / Nomenclature / Physical-chemical properties / Correlation of physical properties with structure properties / Uses of haloalkanes, halobenzenes, alcohols and phenols / Polymers / Bio-molecules etc

MP Vyapam Staff nurse exam syllabus Biology – Botany / Structure organization of the cell, cell theory / Mendel’s law of inheritance / Monohybrid and dihybrid cross / The difference between prokaryote and eukaryotes / Five kingdom classification binomial nomenclature / Mucor, funariaselaginella, and Pinus / Elementary knowledge of microsporogenesis, Megasporogenesis / Transpiration photosynthesis and respiration / The role of plants in human welfare / Principle of plant breeding and its role in improvement of crops, Biotechnology Food preservation methods and importance etc / Zoology / Multicellularity – Structure, and Function of Animal Life / Developmental Biology and Genetics / Taxonomy Evolution Economic Zoology etc

MP Vyapam GNTST Syllabus General English – Reading Comprehension / Vocabulary items including synonyms and antonyms, word formation, Prefixes, Suffixes / Grammar and usage / Articles and determiners / Agreement between the subject and the verb / Time and tenses / Prepositions and phrasal verbs / Auxiliaries including models / Transformation of sentences / Voices: active and passive / Narration: direct and indirect / Degrees if comparison / Sentences types: Affirmative, negative and interrogative

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