TN TRB Assistant Professor Model Questions Papers & Syllabus Exam Pattern 2022

TN TRB Assistant Professor Exam Pattern 2023 Download Syllabus General Knowledge Syllabus - Indian Constitution. Economy – India. General Science. Science & Technology. History – India & Tamil Nadu. National & International Organizations. geography – India, Tamil Nadu & World. Important Days. Abbreviations. Indian Polity. Indian Constitution. Books & Authors Who’s Who? Social- Economic & Cultural Issues. People & Personalities. Social- Economic & Cultural Issues. Sports. Awards & Honors etc

Assistant Professor Engineering Subjects -

Civil - Concrete Technology. Solid Mechanics, Structural Analysis. Steel Structures. Reinforced Concrete Structures. Civil Engineering Materials and Construction. PSC Structures. Hydraulic Structures. Hydrology & Water Resources Engineering. Transportation Engineering. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Fluid Mechanics. Environmental Engineering. Estimation, Costing, and Specifications. Bridge Engineering. Construction and Project Management. Surveying. Environmental Studies etc

Mechanical - Applied Thermodynamics. Heat Transfer. Machine Design & Vibration. Mechatronics. The Strength of Materials. Material Science. Theory of Machines. Dynamics of Machinery. Production Process. Fluid Mechanics. Balancing of Reciprocating Masses. Internal Combustion Engines. Measurement & Metrology. CAD/CAM/CIM. Finite Element Analysis. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Manufacturing Planning & Control. Industrial Engineering & Enterprise Resources Planning

Electrical - Basic Electrical Engineering Concepts. AC Fundamentals. Measurement and measuring instruments. Electrical Machines. Network Theory. Magnetic Circuit. Power Electronics & Drives. Estimation and costing. Utilization of Electrical Energy. Analog and Digital Electronics. Power Systems. Basic Electronics etc

Electronics - Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems. Electrical and Electronic Measurements. Digital Electronics. Analog Electronics. Transducers, Mechanical Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation. Analytical, Optical Instrumentation. Control Systems and Process Control. Signals, Systems, and Communications. Computer Science - Operating System. Digital Logic. Programming and Data Structures. Computer Organization and Architecture. Compiler Design. Computer Networks. Databases. Algorithms. Web Technologies. Theory of Computation. Information Systems and Software Engineering etc. Metallurgy - Assistant Professor Non-Engineering Subjects: English - Common vocabulary. Use of Idioms & Phrases and their meaning. Grammar. Sentence structure. Comprehension of passage. Mathematics - Indices. Algebraic expressions. Square & Square Root. Cube & Cube Root. Factors. Equations. Interest. Ratio and Proportion. Plane figures. Area of Plane Figures. Percentage. Lines and Angles. Surface Area and Volume. Statistics. Place of Mathematics in Curriculum. The language of Mathematics. Graph. Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking. Community Mathematics. Remedial Teaching. Evaluation. Problems of Teaching

Physics - Thermal properties of matter. Gravitation. Kinetic theory. Nuclei. Laws of motion. Units and measurements. Systems of particles and rotational motion. Mechanical properties of fluids. Moving charges and magnetism. Electrostatic potential and capacitance. Current electricity. Electric charges and fields. Electromagnetic induction. Magnetism and Matter. Alternating current. Atoms. Semiconductor electronics. Electromagnetic waves. Dual nature of radiation and matter. Communication systems. Wave optics. Mechanical properties of solids. Physical world. Work, energy, and power. Oscillations. Ray optics and optical instruments. Motion in a straight line. Thermodynamics. Motion in a plane

Chemistry - Organic chemistry P-block elements – group 14 (carbon family). Biomolecules. The s – block elements. Solutions. Haloalkanes and haloarenes. Chemistry in everyday life. Organic compounds containing nitrogen. Thermodynamics. Polymers. Surface chemistry. Hydrogen and its Compounds. Chemical equilibrium and acids-bases. D and f block elements & coordination compounds. Environmental chemistry. Atomic structure. Classification of elements and periodicity in properties. Solid state. States of matter: gasses and liquids. General principles of metallurgy. Stoichiometry. Chemical bonding and molecular structure. Electrochemistry and chemical kinetics. Organic compounds containing c, h, and o. P-block elements. P- block elements group 13 (boron family)

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