HPSC Dental Surgeon Exam Syllabus Model Questions Exam Pattern 2023

Download HPSC Dental Surgeon Exam Syllabus 2023, Environment and Environmental Hygiene - Definition / Scope / And Importance Ecosystem - Types / Structure / And Functions /Food Chains / Physical / Chemical / Microbiological /Biological Evaluation Of Water / Water Purification /Environmental Pollution-Causes / And Effects /Nuclear Hazards / Disposal Of Sewage And Farm Wastes /Control Measure Of Air / Water / And Noise Pollution /Hpsc Milk And Mear Hygiene. Food Safety And Public Health,

Milk Hygiene About Public Health - Control Of Milk And Milk Product Contamination /Milk As A Source Of Disease Transmission /Milk Hygiene Practices In India And Other Countries /Dairy Microbial Flora Of Milk And Dairy Products / Dairy Legislation And Standards For Milk And Dairy Products.

Veterinary Epidemiology And Zoonoses -Epidemiological Hypothesis / Epidemiological Methods /Definitions And Aims Of Epidemiology / Factors Influencing The Occurrence Of Livestock Diseases

Haryana Psc Veterinary Obstetrics -Diseases & Accidents During Gestation /Abortion In Domestic Animals-Diagnosis & Control /Premature Birth / Care And Management Of Dam And Newborn / Postpartum Diseases And Complications.

Anesthesiology And Diagnostic Imaging - General Surgery / Anaesthesiology /Diagnostic Imaging Production And Properties Of X-Rays / Factors Influencing Production Of X-Ray.

Regional Veterinary Surgery -Head And Neck /Thorax And Abdomen

Haryana Psc Veterinary Orthopedics & Lameness -Hygroma Of The Knee / Open Knee / Blemished Knee /Canker / Thresh And Com / Monday Morning Disease / Bovine Lameness /Fracture Of Carpal Bone / Fracture Of Accessory Carpal,

Syllabus (General & Systematic) - History And Scope Of Veterinary Medicine / Concepts Of Diagnosis /General Systemic / States / Hyperthermia / Hypothermia / Affections Of The Peritoneum / Liver / And Pancreas.

Applied Nutrition (Ruminants) - The Importance Of Scientific Feeding / Measurement Of Digestibility /Factors Affecting Digestibility Of A Feed / Nutrient Requirements Of Livestock Energy,

Bio-Statistics And Computer Application -Basic Statistics / Experimental Designs /Computer Application.

Sr. No.Paper Name
1.HCS (Ex.Br.) Main Exam - 2014
2.HCS (Ex.Br.) Preliminary Exam - 2014
3.HCS (Ex.Br.) Main Exam - 2011
4.HCS (Ex.Br.) Main Exam - 2009
5.HCS (Ex.Br.) Main Exam - 2004
6.HCS (Ex.Br.) Main Exam - 2003
7.Assistant Treasury Officer Exam - 2011
8.Assistant Engineer (Public Health) Engg. Deptt. - Exam 2010
9.Ayurvedic Medical Officer Screening Test - 2010
10.Dental Surgeon Screening Test - 2010
11.Dental Surgeon Screening Test - 2012