APSPDCL & TRANSCO Sample Questions Papers & Syllabus 2023

APSPDCL Assistant Engineer Exam Syllabus Pattern 2023

AP AE Electrical Circuits - KVL. KCL. Node and Mesh analysis. Star/Delta transformation. Electromagnetic. Induction. Mutual Induction. AC fundamentals

Andhra Pradesh SPDCL AE Syllabus For Electrical Measurements - Bridges and potentio meters. PMMC. Moving coil. Moving iron. Dynamometer. Induction type measuring instruments. Measurement of voltage. Current. Power. Energy. Power factor, Digital voltmeters

ASPDCL JE Syllabus For Control Systems - Principles of feedback control systems. The transfer function, block diagram reduction. Signal flow graph

ASPDCL Syllabus For Analog and Digital Electronics - Characteristics of the p-n diode. Zener diode. BJT. FET. Amplifiers. Biasing. Low frequency. High-frequency equivalent circuits

Andhra Pradesh Syllabus For Electrical Machines - Single phase transformer. Equivalent circuit. Phasor diagram. Tests. Regulation. Efficiency. 3-phase transformers

ASPDCL Syllabus For Power Systems: Basic power generation concepts. Transmission line models and performance. Under ground cables. String insulators

Andhra Pradesh SPDCL Syllabus For Electricity Utilization - Electric heating. Resistance heating. Induction heating. Dielectric heating. Electric traction. Lighting calculations. Power Electronics and Drives - SCR. IGBT. MOSFET. Static and Dynamic characteristics. Triggering circuits. Phase control rectifiers. Bridge rectifiers

APSPDCL Syllabus For Reasoning - Number Series. Letter and Symbol Series. Verbal Classification. Essential Part. Analogies. Artificial Language. Matching Definitions. Making Judgments. Verbal Reasoning. Logical Problems. Logical Games. Analyzing Arguments. Statement and Assumption. The course of Action. Statement and Conclusion. Theme Detection. Cause and Effect. Statement and Argument. Logical Deduction. Pair Formation. Odd One Out. English Alphabet Problems. Ranking. Dice and Cubes. Blood Relations Direction. Test Calendars & Clocks. Venn Diagrams. Syllogisms. Missing Numbers Series. Matrix & Analogies. Paper Cutting Paper Folding. Syllabus For General Awareness - Static GK. General Science. Current Affairs

Topics For Static GK - Indian History. Politics. Geography. Arts. Culture. Topics For General Science - Physics. Chemistry. Defence. Agriculture. Space. Environment. Biology. Agriculture

Topics For Current Affairs - Economy. Banking. Awards. Sports. International Affairs. Current Events

Andhra Pradesh Syllabus For General Science - Biology. Physics. Chemistry

APSPDCL / APTRANSCO Sample Questions Papers 2023
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